EOI to attend a community Strategy Day:

Friday 1 March

The next stage of the Reimagine Nambour project is a vitally important Strategy Day which will be held from 8.00am to 5.00pm on Friday, 1 March (venue TBC).

Now that the consultants have completed their initial assessment, it’s time for the Nambour community to develop a roadmap for Nambour’s future, and it starts at the Strategy Day.

The Strategy Day will be facilitated by the Reimagine Nambour consulting team that suggests the ideal size for the session is around thirty (30) people.  

Reimagine Nambour will only succeed if it’s owned by the community and we therefore need the community represented on the Strategy Day.

We are therefore calling for Expressions of Interest from people from a cross section of the community. We are ideally wanting one representative from each of the below areas and so before you nominate, maybe speak to your peers in the area for which you plan to nominate.


Nominations will close at 5.00pm on 15 February which will allow for Strategy Day participants to be finalised and then they will begin two-weeks of pre-reading and other preparation activities ahead of the 1 March Strategy Day.

In nominating, the Steering Committee would like people to not only fill out their details but also tick a box confirming that they Agree to make a positive contribution and maintaining an ongoing active commitment to the Reimagine Nambour project beyond the strategy day.

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