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Reimagine Nambour Inc. was formed in February 2020 to take custodianship of the Nambour Economic Transition Strategy and to begin implementing or advocating for the actions outlined in the plan.

The association is governed by the management committee and four subcommittees.  Each subcommittee is chaired by a member of the management committee and is comprised of volunteers from the community.

Due to the impact of covid-19 restrictions, Reimagine Nambour Inc. is currently focussing its efforts in these three subcommittees:

  • Renewing the CBD
  • Building a Safer Town
  • The Tramway Project

As Covid-19 restrictions ease, additional subcommittees will be added.  If you’d like to volunteer to join any of the subcommittees, please provide your details here.


In 2018, the group Nambour Alliance dissolved to form the Nambour Chamber of Commerce focussed on businesses in Nambour and a steering committee called Reimagine Nambour focussed on the wider remit of community development.

With support from three levels of government, the Reimagine Nambour steering committee was able to engage consultants to undertake an extensive community consultation and an economic assessment the results of which culminated it the Nambour Economic Transition Strategy (NETS).

The NETS document outlined a number of activities in the short, mid and long-term to be carried out to assist Nambour’s transition into a thriving regional town.  The Steering Committee after almost two years of stewarding the process resolved to form an incorporated association.

Reimagine Nambour Inc. was registered as an incorporated association on 6 February 2020 with its primary purpose, in essence, to support the transition and development of the Nambour Community.  To support the early stages of the Association’s incorporation and delivery on three of its priority areas – rebranding Nambour, renewing the CBD and building a safer town – the Sunshine Coast Council funded a community facilitation role.  The Association continues to receive support from all levels of government with ex-officio members including the Federal Member for Fairfax, State Member for Nicklin and Councillor for Division 10.

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